Roycroft Little Journeys Table

I am a hug fan of Stickley, and have a nice collection of my own.  I often use it to study the work of the masters.  This piece is a copy of a Roycroft Little Journeys Table.  It has no fasteners and I had to make a number of template that will be useful next time.



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6 Responses to Roycroft Little Journeys Table

  1. Mary Thorn says:

    The furniture pieces are all so wonderful, but I am wondering if you couldn’t get a patent on the one piece we all want and that is the swiveling piece that holds everything……….. I want it, your mom wants it, we all want it.
    Beautiful works.

  2. MOM says:

    I agree with Mary Thorn. We all want that piece of furniture. Just make one for each of us in your free time.

  3. Jeff says:

    Nice piece. What wood did you use?

  4. pollock says:

    Thanks Jeff – that one is red oak.

  5. pollock says:

    Took a look at your blog, like it!

    I added to my blogroll.

  6. j. j. tune says:

    nice reproduction. i have an original signed roycroft journeyman’s table that is nearly identical to the one you made. i was curious as to what mine might be worth should i decide to sell it. thanks, jj

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